Luxury Homes – What Makes a Quality Build?

What Constitutes a Quality Build?

There are many aspects to a build; from original concept to refined design to completion. With a multitude of factors that occur behind the scenes, Lincoln Homes aim to provide insight into what you need to consider when building your next project. The needs of the client, the materials used, the location, the site condition and the builder’s skill all play a crucial role in ensuring your build is excellent quality and of the highest standards.  

When considering a luxury home build, you may not think to ask these questions or even consider that they are necessary. Experience has shown us that there are key considerations for a true quality build that will meet your every expectation. At Lincoln Homes, we pride ourselves on knowing “one job complements the next” and therefore we ensure each project we commence is just as exceptional as the last.

Design Brief Meets the Client’s Needs

Putting clients at the forefront of our business, our design briefs are meticulously combed to ensure their needs are met. Important aspects such as the neighbourhood character play a huge part in our design process.
Think of the stunning houses of Canterbury in Melbourne with their classic Period builds and styles such as Victorian, Californian Bungalows and Edwardian, complemented by streets of beautiful tree awnings. Taking the area into account is something Lincoln Homes’ talented team of designers and architects take pride in. 

Client requests such as sustainability and efficiency ratings are welcomed. We often exceed the minimum 6-star energy efficiency with our builds. This may include extra sealings, better insulation, glazing and ventilation. We cater for solar panels and battery back-ups. These additions are often sought after as they not only reduce the carbon footprint, but they importantly reduce your homes running costs too. 

We work together with the client on their brief to create a design that accommodates any specific needs and desires. From basements to lifts and butler’s pantries to wine cellars, Lincoln Homes is totally flexible and aims to meet your every design request. We know that your expectations are high, and this is where we thrive.

Being Sensitive to the Site Condition

Considering the site conditions including orientation, street noise and views play a large part in our design process. While many builders and designers don’t consider these conditions, these are factors that we take seriously. The Arcuara design is a great example of this.

Designed with a strong visual sense in mind, this knock-down, re-build project called for the impression of a luxury upmarket home with a contemporary look from the front street view. Lincoln Homes’ Architect achieved this through rendered masonry, large glass sections, and features Colorbond metal cladding to create a sense of openness, space, light and luxury. The addition of passive solar design principles provides extra energy efficiency features assisting in reducing the running costs of this home.

Does The Design Meet Your Budget? 

At Lincoln Homes, working within your budget to provide you with the highest quality outcome is our aim. Accommodating needs within a budget is highly attainable and we ensure that we explain how parts of your design and your chosen materials and fittings will impact on build costs. 

We appreciate that more ideas may come to mind during design and build stages and we aim to be adaptable and flexible. At every stage, we’ll provide solutions that will remain within your budget or advise alternative options. 

Construction Quality

Having the skill and knowledge, along with quality materials, construction techniques and the management of multiple trades is also crucial to your build. 

Using quality materials plays a vital part in the overall value of your home. From structural to non-structural, the materials need to be of high calibre to ensure your build is of the highest quality and will remain in great condition. Footing design, timber framing, insulation and many other aspects are taken into consideration when providing a quality build. 

The Right Builder

Ensuring the builder has the experience, skills and financial stability is crucial to your build. Checking their insurances and whether they are financially secure is an important consideration before commencing any project with a builder.

With over 20 years’ experience, Lincoln Homes ticks all the boxes. The skills of our construction team and tradespeople, allows us to consider complex considerations such as basements, lifts, cellars, and other non-standard luxury items. Supervising closely; we control the whole process – from concept design to completion.  

Expect nothing short of high professionalism during the build journey. The site manager is on top of everything that’s going on daily and holds meetings with our clients to keep them in the loop for any changes and developments. Providing a safe working environment is paramount, including such things as scaffolding and handrails. Lincoln Homes do not compromise on site safety measures and upholding OHS standards on site is a must.

Why Lincoln Homes

This list of considerations should always be considered when starting a new project. At Lincoln Homes we won’t compromise on quality – in any regard. Our clients can be certain that all aspects from design to construction have been considered and we are applying both quality materials and measures – from start to finish. 

Our quality mandate recently received recognition by our partner company Bayside Extensions winning the 2021 HIA Victorian Renovation/Addition Project up to $400,000 award. We won this award with our South Melbourne project for non-compromised building quality and design. 

Through experience, reliable construction timeframes, professional management procedures, high-end designs, accurate quoting and estimating processes, combined with our quality tradespeople and workmanship; we’ve been exceeding our clients’ expectations for over 20 years.

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Windows for Luxury Home Builds

One of the many decisions you’ll be faced with when building your new luxury home is the type of window frames to choose.

Timber has traditionally been used for many generations of home building, but aluminium windows have become extremely popular over the years. Then there’s uPVC window frames, or steel that can be considered as an alternative.

Which are the best windows for you and your building project, and what should you consider when making your well-informed decision?

Let’s start by looking at the pros and cons of the various considerations.

 Timber windows

  • Have been tried and tested over many generations of building.
  • Are aesthetically appealing, creating a warm, natural, luxurious look and feel.
  • Are available in several profiles and can be easily modified. Timber provides greater flexibility in profile sections available and can be easily shaped, moulded, or curved.
  • Can be left unfinished to weather naturally, be clear finished, stained or painted, but remember, how you finish your timber windows will impact on their weathering and durability.
  • You can change the finish/colour by simply repainting or staining to suit a new colour scheme.
  • Are made from a natural renewable material and as such are environmentally friendly.
  • Are available in several timber species and price ranges.
  • Resist cold bridging, making them thermally efficient, providing a high insulation value than metal with limited heat conductivity.
  • Timber stores atmospheric carbon.

Aluminium windows

  • Have a high level of durability but may be affected by salt corrosion.
  • Generally, require little maintenance.
  • Perform well considering strength, lightness, function, and longevity.
  • Can be made with a thermal break to improve thermal efficiency, reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Are available in a wide range of powder coat finishes to compliment your colour scheme.
  • Difficult to successfully change their colour.
  • Can be anodised resulting in excellent corrosion resistance.
  • Are resistant to rodents, termites, and vermin.
  • Won’t rot and deteriorate like some timber species.
  • May be a more affordable option that timber.
  • Are made of a non-combustible material.

uPVC windows

  • Have a high level of resilience against weathering.
  • Will not be affected by salt corrosion. 
  • Require little maintenance. Usually require washing with soapy water periodically.
  • Light, assisting in installation, particularly with large frame sizes. 
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly.
  • Colour ranges can be restrictive.
  • May be a more expensive option.
  • Not as popular as timber or aluminium, creating a difference in appeal.
  • Are resistant to rodents, termites and vermin.

Steel windows

  • Generally, a much dearer option.
  • The strongest material.
  • Can be hot gipped galvanised for greater durability.
  • Elegant, providing an extremely up-market look and feel.
  • Can be Powder Coated for a great colour range.
  • Steel is the most re-cycled material in the world making a great green choice of product.
  • Are resistant to rodents, termites, and vermin.

If low maintenance is high on your list, then timber may not be a good choice. They do require regular maintenance that the other options don’t need.

There are also timber/aluminium combinations available just to make your decision harder!

At the end of the day, the decision will be yours to make. The right windows can add so much value, charm, and functionality to your home so it’s a decision that requires thought and consideration.

At Lincoln Homes, all our luxury homes are totally bespoke to individual needs and aspirations and therefore any style of window frame is available and duly considered.
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Charming Victorian-Style Home in Blackburn

Charming Victorian-Style Home in Blackburn

The eastern suburbs of Melbourne are famous for their Victorian-era homes replete with striking features such as wrap-around verandahs, airy rooms, and stylish details. However, as any period-home owner will tell you, heritage buildings sometimes lack the modern amenities you would otherwise expect in a new build. As a result, Victorian-style new homes enable home-buyers to access all the splendour of a heritage listed property, without the challenges.

This striking two-storey Victorian-style home in the leafy Blackburn Lakes district contains all the benefits of a new build with old world features. Polished timber flooring runs throughout the combined kitchen and living area, making this an open-plan concept home with all the charm of the Victorian era.

As with all Lincoln Homes projects, this house was designed specifically to meet the client’s design brief, based on their and their family members’ needs. The result is a traditional home fit for a growing family who require lots of space to move. 

To see what Lincoln Homes can achieve on your next build, let’s explore this elegant property room by room.

Background to the Build

First of all, it’s important to note the raison d’etre of this new build. Behind every new home is an owner who has a specific goal in mind, and this dignified Blackburn home is no different.

Initially, the owner considered buying an original Victorian-era mansion and renovating the interior to match their expectations. However, the perfect home never came on the market, which prompted them to consider a new build in a traditional style.

They quickly realised that by building their dream home from scratch, that they could have a Victorian-style home that includes all the perks of modern living. Lincoln Homes had previously done work for other members of their family, so we were the natural choice for this homeowner.

From the outset, the client’s brief was a large double storey Victorian-style home with an abundance of living space, a large open-plan kitchen, an expansive veranda, and a large central staircase. All of this and more was achieved by Lincoln Homes.

Lincoln Homes approaches every build with a thorough process, so that the chance of problems arising two, three, even ten or twenty years down the road are drastically minimised. From site survey, to soil report, engineering protocols, energy assessments, fittings checks, and final warranties, we leave no stone unturned in the course of a new build.

This presidential home is now seven years old and still retains its integrity and curbside appeal.

Contemporary Kitchen and Living Spaces

A contemporary kitchen and living space adds the luxury and modern amenities necessary for a comfortable family home. In keeping with the period features of this build, we utilised solid timber benchtops with a lambs’ tongue edge profile and polished floorboards throughout. Crisp white walls and an open-plan design perfectly matched the client’s wishes. 

Classical Style Bathroom

An inviting tub, grey matte tiles, a large frameless mirror, classical fittings and ample storage space ensure this bathroom will last for years to come with no need for refurbishing or maintenance. The timeless design fit effortlessly into the Victorian feature and relaxed grandeur of this home. 

Charming Veranda

From the outside of this property, you are immediately greeted with an impressive wrap around verandah. This classic Australian feature gives this home an air of comfort and serenity, while carefully detailed and hand finished timber posts and lacework invite reflection.

Traditional Hallway Design

This traditional style hallway is welcoming and graceful, in line with the Victoriana theme. Dark timber wooden stairs and polished floors welcome you into the home, while an elegant bench matches the staircase woodwork.

Lincoln Homes is renowned for our new-build period homes. We invite you to meet our team to discuss your requirements or book a time to come to our Camberwell office.

Luxury Home Basements – A Versatile Gem

Certain special features of luxury homes are often not visible from the street. Basements are an example of a hidden gem that provides extra space and flexibility for discerning homeowners.  They are becoming more common, particularly as houses become bigger and land sizes become smaller.

While basements have many benefits, correctly designing and building a basement is not a simple undertaking. Basement builds require a specialised team with a highly developed skill set. Few home builders are equipped to offer this versatile, yet complex design option.

Constructing a basement correctly forms an integral component of a successful house design and build, requiring a finely calibrated combination of engineering design and capable construction. 

At Lincoln Homes, we have extensive basement design and construction experience, enabling us to seamlessly incorporate this extraordinary design feature into a home’s overall plan.

There are many factors that govern a basement’s construction, all of which need to be carefully considered in the design.

Site conditions

Site conditions along with the location of adjoining structures, influence the construction method used. A single design will not suit every basement, and construction time is varied accordingly given the nature of the work involved. However, roughly speaking basement construction works generally take around six months.


One important consideration is the design integration of the basement into the home.

A lift will likely be incorporated for easy access to the levels above, with spaces such as a gym, cinema or wine cellar being very popular. And of course, a basement will allow for multiple car storage for the larger family or car collector.

Timing is critical

Each stage of the works must be meticulously planned to ensure works are carried out to the highest standards. As weather conditions can significantly influence progress, our experienced team draw up detailed plans encompassing all possibilities.

Skill Sets

Depending on design and construction method adopted, the team involved in creating a basement are likely to include a boring contractor, excavation contractor, drainers (including design and installation of stormwater pumping, and perhaps sewerage pumping), electricians, concreters, water proofers, block layer/bricklayer and or specialty retaining wall contractors. And that’s just construction team!

Following construction, sufficient time must be provided for concrete curing, after which time the basement is carefully backfilled with suitable materials assuring a fully completed outcome.

Your basement, if correctly designed and built, can be a wonderful addition to any home, providing extra space, lifestyle flexibility and additional luxury and security. 

At Lincoln Homes, we specialise in the bespoke – creating luxury living for you and your family’s every conceivable need and desire. 

Contact our team to discuss your dream home today. 

Key Considerations When Choosing a Luxury Home Builder

Melbourne is known as the fashion capital of Australia, and our sense of style extends to the refinement and beauty of many of our heritage homes and new builds. 

Lincoln Homes is at the forefront of custom home building in Melbourne, where we have constructed over 300 luxury residences for discerning homeowners. 

In the past, too many homebuyers have been let down by the restrictions imposed on them by off-the-plan builders, and as a consequence, they have found themselves in homes that don’t suit their needs, personal tastes, or expectations. Today, increasing numbers of Melbournians are opting for custom rather than off-the-plan homes to get exactly what they want.

“Going custom” is the best way to personalise your home. Imagine a home that is not only beautifully appointed and constructed but designed to suit your exact requirements, the local weather conditions, and even the topography of your land.

Nevertheless, custom home builders are not created equal, so it’s incredibly important to choose your builder wisely. In our experience, these are the top 4 considerations would-be homebuyers or renovators should keep in mind. 

1. In-house Architect vs Building Designer

Many companies hire building designers with limited architectural capabilities. When dealing with an external architect, you may find yourself facing some of the same problems that occur when dealing with an off-the-plan build, or discover that there is a mis-match between the designer’s (Architects)  goals and that of your budget or the builder’s capabilities.

In contrast, Lincoln Homes have an in-house fully-qualified architect and a design team that works together harmoniously. Our architect collaborates with our builders and the rest of our team to design homes with accurate construction outcomes.

We ensure that the brief and budget is feasible from the start. Our in-house design team will also prepare your documentation as part of your construction costs.

2. Energy Ratings and Compliance

Discerning home buyers want innovative smart homes with positive energy ratings, including superior insulation solutions, leading to lower running costs.

However, what many homebuyers don’t know is that energy efficiency and compliance starts long before the site works even begin.

A truly luxurious and enduring home will be designed and then constructed according to correct procedures. This includes, but is not limited to, employing the right tradesmen with the appropriate skills.
Look for companies with accreditations across their entire team, and a clear track-history of delivering on their promises.

At Lincoln, we are lucky to have
Rod Ord, with an extensive skill set, has acted as the president of the Housing Industry Association, and personally been involved in the build of over 1000 luxury home

3. Warranties and Structural Guarantees

Finally, luxury homes need to be built to last and a professional home builder would never expect you to simply take their word for it.

When your home is complete, it should come with housing warranties and structural guarantees, which ensures that it has been built to current building and compliance standards. There should also be a written agreement around maintenance obligations.

Ideally, a custom luxury home is designed and built with knowledgeable architects, reputable builder, skilled tradespeople, and detail-oriented project managers all under one roof, who can harmonise all the working parts of building your dream home. This team should be easily reachable and dependable not only during the build but in the long term, to undertake any necessary maintenance requirements.

4.Financial Solvency of the Builder

Be certain that your builder is not only properly accredited and experienced, but also financially viable. When builders fail financially, this presents a huge problem for homebuyers, especially if they’re halfway through construction.

An established company is far better equipped to take on customised luxury builds, than a builder that’s just starting out.

Lincoln Homes is a branch of the Blueming Group and have been in operation for over two decades. Our home builds are highly-awarded and have earned us far reaching respect as specialist builders.

We can say with confidence that we have the skill set and financial stability required for premium home building and renovations. 

This is what we offer at Lincoln Homes and much more.
We invite you to meet our team to discuss your dream home or
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