Melbourne is known as the fashion capital of Australia, and our sense of style extends to the refinement and beauty of many of our heritage homes and new builds. 

Lincoln Homes is at the forefront of custom home building in Melbourne, where we have constructed over 300 luxury residences for discerning homeowners. 

In the past, too many homebuyers have been let down by the restrictions imposed on them by off-the-plan builders, and as a consequence, they have found themselves in homes that don’t suit their needs, personal tastes, or expectations. Today, increasing numbers of Melbournians are opting for custom rather than off-the-plan homes to get exactly what they want.

“Going custom” is the best way to personalise your home. Imagine a home that is not only beautifully appointed and constructed but designed to suit your exact requirements, the local weather conditions, and even the topography of your land.

Nevertheless, custom home builders are not created equal, so it’s incredibly important to choose your builder wisely. In our experience, these are the top 4 considerations would-be homebuyers or renovators should keep in mind. 

1. In-house Architect vs Building Designer

Many companies hire building designers with limited architectural capabilities. When dealing with an external architect, you may find yourself facing some of the same problems that occur when dealing with an off-the-plan build, or discover that there is a mis-match between the designer’s (Architects)  goals and that of your budget or the builder’s capabilities.

In contrast, Lincoln Homes have an in-house fully-qualified architect and a design team that works together harmoniously. Our architect collaborates with our builders and the rest of our team to design homes with accurate construction outcomes.

We ensure that the brief and budget is feasible from the start. Our in-house design team will also prepare your documentation as part of your construction costs.

2. Energy Ratings and Compliance

Discerning home buyers want innovative smart homes with positive energy ratings, including superior insulation solutions, leading to lower running costs.

However, what many homebuyers don’t know is that energy efficiency and compliance starts long before the site works even begin.

A truly luxurious and enduring home will be designed and then constructed according to correct procedures. This includes, but is not limited to, employing the right tradesmen with the appropriate skills.
Look for companies with accreditations across their entire team, and a clear track-history of delivering on their promises.

At Lincoln, we are lucky to have
Rod Ord, with an extensive skill set, has acted as the president of the Housing Industry Association, and personally been involved in the build of over 1000 luxury home

3. Warranties and Structural Guarantees

Finally, luxury homes need to be built to last and a professional home builder would never expect you to simply take their word for it.

When your home is complete, it should come with housing warranties and structural guarantees, which ensures that it has been built to current building and compliance standards. There should also be a written agreement around maintenance obligations.

Ideally, a custom luxury home is designed and built with knowledgeable architects, reputable builder, skilled tradespeople, and detail-oriented project managers all under one roof, who can harmonise all the working parts of building your dream home. This team should be easily reachable and dependable not only during the build but in the long term, to undertake any necessary maintenance requirements.

4.Financial Solvency of the Builder

Be certain that your builder is not only properly accredited and experienced, but also financially viable. When builders fail financially, this presents a huge problem for homebuyers, especially if they’re halfway through construction.

An established company is far better equipped to take on customised luxury builds, than a builder that’s just starting out.

Lincoln Homes is a branch of the Blueming Group and have been in operation for over two decades. Our home builds are highly-awarded and have earned us far reaching respect as specialist builders.

We can say with confidence that we have the skill set and financial stability required for premium home building and renovations. 

This is what we offer at Lincoln Homes and much more.
We invite you to meet our team to discuss your dream home or
book a time to come to our Camberwell office. 

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