Certain special features of luxury homes are often not visible from the street. Basements are an example of a hidden gem that provides extra space and flexibility for discerning homeowners.  They are becoming more common, particularly as houses become bigger and land sizes become smaller.

While basements have many benefits, correctly designing and building a basement is not a simple undertaking. Basement builds require a specialised team with a highly developed skill set. Few home builders are equipped to offer this versatile, yet complex design option.

Constructing a basement correctly forms an integral component of a successful house design and build, requiring a finely calibrated combination of engineering design and capable construction. 

At Lincoln Homes, we have extensive basement design and construction experience, enabling us to seamlessly incorporate this extraordinary design feature into a home’s overall plan.

There are many factors that govern a basement’s construction, all of which need to be carefully considered in the design.

Site conditions

Site conditions along with the location of adjoining structures, influence the construction method used. A single design will not suit every basement, and construction time is varied accordingly given the nature of the work involved. However, roughly speaking basement construction works generally take around six months.


One important consideration is the design integration of the basement into the home.

A lift will likely be incorporated for easy access to the levels above, with spaces such as a gym, cinema or wine cellar being very popular. And of course, a basement will allow for multiple car storage for the larger family or car collector.

Timing is critical

Each stage of the works must be meticulously planned to ensure works are carried out to the highest standards. As weather conditions can significantly influence progress, our experienced team draw up detailed plans encompassing all possibilities.

Skill Sets

Depending on design and construction method adopted, the team involved in creating a basement are likely to include a boring contractor, excavation contractor, drainers (including design and installation of stormwater pumping, and perhaps sewerage pumping), electricians, concreters, water proofers, block layer/bricklayer and or specialty retaining wall contractors. And that’s just construction team!

Following construction, sufficient time must be provided for concrete curing, after which time the basement is carefully backfilled with suitable materials assuring a fully completed outcome.

Your basement, if correctly designed and built, can be a wonderful addition to any home, providing extra space, lifestyle flexibility and additional luxury and security. 

At Lincoln Homes, we specialise in the bespoke – creating luxury living for you and your family’s every conceivable need and desire. 

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