What Constitutes a Quality Build?

There are many aspects to a build; from original concept to refined design to completion. With a multitude of factors that occur behind the scenes, Lincoln Homes aim to provide insight into what you need to consider when building your next project. The needs of the client, the materials used, the location, the site condition and the builder’s skill all play a crucial role in ensuring your build is excellent quality and of the highest standards.  

When considering a luxury home build, you may not think to ask these questions or even consider that they are necessary. Experience has shown us that there are key considerations for a true quality build that will meet your every expectation. At Lincoln Homes, we pride ourselves on knowing “one job complements the next” and therefore we ensure each project we commence is just as exceptional as the last.

Design Brief Meets the Client’s Needs

Putting clients at the forefront of our business, our design briefs are meticulously combed to ensure their needs are met. Important aspects such as the neighbourhood character play a huge part in our design process.
Think of the stunning houses of Canterbury in Melbourne with their classic Period builds and styles such as Victorian, Californian Bungalows and Edwardian, complemented by streets of beautiful tree awnings. Taking the area into account is something Lincoln Homes’ talented team of designers and architects take pride in. 

Client requests such as sustainability and efficiency ratings are welcomed. We often exceed the minimum 6-star energy efficiency with our builds. This may include extra sealings, better insulation, glazing and ventilation. We cater for solar panels and battery back-ups. These additions are often sought after as they not only reduce the carbon footprint, but they importantly reduce your homes running costs too. 

We work together with the client on their brief to create a design that accommodates any specific needs and desires. From basements to lifts and butler’s pantries to wine cellars, Lincoln Homes is totally flexible and aims to meet your every design request. We know that your expectations are high, and this is where we thrive.

Being Sensitive to the Site Condition

Considering the site conditions including orientation, street noise and views play a large part in our design process. While many builders and designers don’t consider these conditions, these are factors that we take seriously. The Arcuara design is a great example of this.

Designed with a strong visual sense in mind, this knock-down, re-build project called for the impression of a luxury upmarket home with a contemporary look from the front street view. Lincoln Homes’ Architect achieved this through rendered masonry, large glass sections, and features Colorbond metal cladding to create a sense of openness, space, light and luxury. The addition of passive solar design principles provides extra energy efficiency features assisting in reducing the running costs of this home.

Does The Design Meet Your Budget? 

At Lincoln Homes, working within your budget to provide you with the highest quality outcome is our aim. Accommodating needs within a budget is highly attainable and we ensure that we explain how parts of your design and your chosen materials and fittings will impact on build costs. 

We appreciate that more ideas may come to mind during design and build stages and we aim to be adaptable and flexible. At every stage, we’ll provide solutions that will remain within your budget or advise alternative options. 

Construction Quality

Having the skill and knowledge, along with quality materials, construction techniques and the management of multiple trades is also crucial to your build. 

Using quality materials plays a vital part in the overall value of your home. From structural to non-structural, the materials need to be of high calibre to ensure your build is of the highest quality and will remain in great condition. Footing design, timber framing, insulation and many other aspects are taken into consideration when providing a quality build. 

The Right Builder

Ensuring the builder has the experience, skills and financial stability is crucial to your build. Checking their insurances and whether they are financially secure is an important consideration before commencing any project with a builder.

With over 20 years’ experience, Lincoln Homes ticks all the boxes. The skills of our construction team and tradespeople, allows us to consider complex considerations such as basements, lifts, cellars, and other non-standard luxury items. Supervising closely; we control the whole process – from concept design to completion.  

Expect nothing short of high professionalism during the build journey. The site manager is on top of everything that’s going on daily and holds meetings with our clients to keep them in the loop for any changes and developments. Providing a safe working environment is paramount, including such things as scaffolding and handrails. Lincoln Homes do not compromise on site safety measures and upholding OHS standards on site is a must.

Why Lincoln Homes

This list of considerations should always be considered when starting a new project. At Lincoln Homes we won’t compromise on quality – in any regard. Our clients can be certain that all aspects from design to construction have been considered and we are applying both quality materials and measures – from start to finish. 

Our quality mandate recently received recognition by our partner company Bayside Extensions winning the 2021 HIA Victorian Renovation/Addition Project up to $400,000 award. We won this award with our South Melbourne project for non-compromised building quality and design. 

Through experience, reliable construction timeframes, professional management procedures, high-end designs, accurate quoting and estimating processes, combined with our quality tradespeople and workmanship; we’ve been exceeding our clients’ expectations for over 20 years.

Get in touch today to see how we can help you create a quality, bespoke, luxury home that you will love.